Ending at 137 episodes, the Yelling Degenerates Show was our politically incorrect and rarely censored podcast that featured a foundation of relentless humour and roasting while introducing the audience to our stories, experiences, talented artists, academics, journalists, politicians, filmmakers, and more. Each episode contained commentary on social issues ranging from politics, current events, sports, mental health awareness, injustice, equality and more.

Our style was natural, fun and informative banter with guests while our audience hung out with with us from their cars, homes or workplace every week.

Hosted by Sumit, Gurshaan, Darshan, Raj, Sachin and when in town, comedian Sunee Dhaliwal. Shout out to Paul “The Drummer” Nanuwa behind the camera. Our reoccurring guest panellists have included Amandeep Kang, Jaskaran Sandhu, Raji Aujla, Gurjeet Bassi, Arkie Kandola, Jessi Hayer and Colin Dhillon.

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