People of the Community are a collective of socially conscious humorists & creatives who have been ordained to make people laugh, tell stories, share & understand perspective, and hold space for collaborators to speak their truths. We advocate for a better world, healthier mentalities, equality, and justice thru free progressive thought, inclusiveness, punching-up, uncensored candid open dialogue, and content that is honest, raw, and self-reflective.

Sometimes it’s not who, or how many people have watched what you’ve created that tends to matter, it’s having created at all that does – Sumit

Our journeys began when our bold, curious, and ambitious parents arrived in a foreign land and relentlessly seized any opportunity to carve out a life for themselves and their children. Their work ethic, risk-taking or endless hours of manual labour provided us with a privilege few in the world attain. We are inspired by their armour of brick-thick skin that never allowed them to feel suppressed or adopt a victim mentality. We take those lessons and honour their hardships and lives by acknowledging our privileges, even as minorities, and channelling our energies into creative expression and community collaboration.

Let’s laugh, learn, and challenge societal norms together – Gurshaan

We and along with everyone we’ve collaborated with and are inspired by are the People of the Community.

Contribute creatively, collectively, and consciously – Darshan

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